Eden Point, Cheadle – Remote BMS Support

  • Overview

    Eden Point is one of the most recognisable and prominent offices in South Manchester. The impressive four storey office building is built to an extremely high specification and has an existing Trend building management system installed.

    Eden Point is occupied by a large number of companies who occupy the large 32,000 sq ft floor space. The building has a comprehensive building management system which is controlled using an older Trend IQ2 range of controllers.

    The building management wanted to be able to receive support remotely without the need for costly engineer call outs. Nyke Energy were able to tailor a remote support package to meet the demands of the client.

  • Our Solution

    Nyke Energy’s solution involved installing a 3G router with a fixed IP address and a Trend Xtend to provide Ethernet connectivity to the Trend IQ2 controllers.

    The Trend Xtend and 3G router were mounted within the control section of the BMS control panel and a 3G antenna was mounted externally to the panel. The 3G router was provided with a fixed IP sim card with annual subscription allowing the BMS to be accessed remotely.

    Nyke Energy are now able to support Eden Point remotely, live values can be monitored and the operating strategy can be changed and re-uploaded to controller without needing to be on site. Data logs can be retrieved and  any faults can be investigated minimising any visits to site.

  •  At A Glance

      • Trend Hardware
        Nyke Energy installed a Trend Xtend device which provided Ethernet connectivity into the older Trend IQ2 range of controllers.
      • 3G Router
        As the BMS did not site on the buildings own IP network a 3G router was provided to provide a gateway into the BMS
      • Remote Support
        A remote support package has been tailored to the clients needs to help reduce call outs
      • Building Comfort
        Changes to time schedules and set points can be adjusted instantly providing optimum comfort for the buildings occupiers

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