Design & Commissioning

Two of the most fundamental steps in delivering a successful building management system is the design stages and the end commissioning. At Nyke Energy Services Ltd we believe it is the attention to detail that is important, that’s why we take great care at all stages of a project to ensure we are delivering a solution that maximises the potential of a building management system.


  • BMS Design

    At Nyke Energy Services we understand that the initial design of a building management system and the way in which it operates is a fundamental part of the design stage and requires careful consideration to maximise energy usage and provide a cost-effective solution.

    We have a wealth of knowledge in what makes a BMS operate to its full potential. This has been developed through years of experience working on many different types of system configurations. Right from the initial proposal stage we are thinking of ways to provide the best solution for the client.

    All BMS control panels are designed and built in house with professional panel drawings produced in house using Auto-cad software.

    Where we really excel is in the design of the operating strategy for the building management system. This is the most specialised area for any BMS controls company and if not done correctly can cause buildings to not be controlled adequately and cause higher than necessary energy costs. Here at Nyke Energy, our fully-trained controls engineers produce control strategies to the highest quality maximising a buildings full potential.

    We are experts at designing, engineers and producing software and graphics which are specific for each project to maximise the capabilities of any particular system. A BMS is only as good as the control strategy that is operating the building and we have the knowhow to deliver a robust solution everytime. We have expertise in writing control strategies for many systems including Trend Controls, Cylon Controls and EasyIO.

    Integrating Other Technologies

    Modern day building management systems don’t rely on a single type of technology or communication standard, most modern systems integrate a number of technologies and IT standards to communicate with other building services. We have experience in interfacing with many industry standard protocols to enhance the building management system and deliver a cost-effective solution. We have successfully incorporated standards such as BACnet and Modbus within our design to allow the exchange of information between many different manufacturers devices and own systems.

    We are great believers in utilising web technology and like to actively promote the capability of the building management system to integrate with a buildings IT infrastructure such as LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). This allows the system to become an integral part of a client’s business processes and allows for closer management of the system.


  • Commissioning

    Steps To A Better BMS

    Good BMS controls are essential for the safe and efficient operation of a modern building. The control system goes beyond keeping the inside of a building comfortable. It is required to keep the HVAC plant (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) operating efficiently whilst ensuring that all plant operates safely in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Commissioning should be considered one of the most important aspects of delivering a successful building management system (BMS), whether the system is Trend, Cylon or EasyIO the principles remain the same. Commissioning is the last major operation in the building process and relies on many other aspects of a building to be completed before commissioning of the BMS controls can be completed. This often puts pressure on the BMS commissioning process leading to many buildings being poorly commissioned, often leaving a building operational but inefficient. However at Nyke Energy we understand the importance of commissioning and have our own rigorous commissioning programme fully compliant with the CIBSE Guide C, Commissioning Code for Building Control Systems.

    At Nyke Energy we maximise our commissioning time by carrying out thorough pre-commissioning through all stages of a project. Our team of dedicated BMS engineers and our own in-house installation team immerse themselves in all projects ensuring we deliver on time ensuring maximum energy efficiency. We supply complete BMS systems that we are proud to put our name to.

    All BMS control panels are built in our dedicated workshop and are fully tested prior to delivery on site by our experienced panel technicians. All wiring interlocks are checked by progressively energising and de-energising relay contacts, switches, timers etc in each circuit with switches used to test that the system operates correctly in response to input signals etc. Pre-commissioning is continued on site with preliminary checks on sensors, valves & actuators, digital inputs and outputs and field control devices.

    During the early stages of the project we write a BMS description of operation based on the BMS functional specification written by the design consultant. We have vast experience in the successful design of BMS systems and have supported consultants on numerous projects on the BMS design.  The BMS description of operation details how the system will operate and function, we use this as the basis of our commissioning, designing an operating strategy that allows the building to function in the desired manner whilst ensuring maximum energy performance.

    With the sound knowledge that the control panel and installation has been pre-commissioned we can efficiently undertake final commissioning, checking the operation of the strategy examining the operation of all time schedules, interlocks, control loops, sequencing , alarm functions, plant changeover etc.

    On completion of final commissioning we undertake a client handover giving a demonstration and training on the operation of the BMS to ensure site staff understand the system and how to change settings, review information and respond to any alarms. The level of training depends on the complexity of the BMS and whether there is system graphics or user interface devices such as the Trend IQVIEW4 or the Cylon Site Guide, however we always offer training relative to the site.

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