Specsavers Manufacturing & Distribution Centre, Kidderminster

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Two New EasyIO BMS Systems at Specsavers’ New Manufacturing and Distribution Centre in Kidderminster featuring integrated HTML5 Web Graphics

  •  At A Glance

      • Control Strategy & Software Design
        A unique EasyIO control strategy was developed to meet the objectives set out within the specification providing monitoring and control that is energy efficient whilst maintaining optimal comfort for the buildings occupiers and visitors.
      • BMS Installation
        All BMS installation was undertaken by Nyke Energy, providing an effective and efficient installation and comprehensive electrical testing.
      • Commissioning
        Nyke Energy undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all plant operated effectively and efficiently throughout the building.
      • EasyIO Controls
        EasyIO BMS controllers were installed to provide advanced building control utilising the web enabled EasyIO FG series of controllers.
      • System Graphics
        Bespoke HTML5 web-enabled graphics were created allowing system monitoring through the IT network and EasyIO SystemView Touchscreen display including user adjustments, data graphing and system alarms.
      • Modbus Integration
        A RS485 network of Electrical meters was created to allow real time monitoring of electric use for the various distribution boards across the facility.
  • Overview

    Nyke Energy recently completed a project at Specsavers’ new £12 million centre in Kidderminster. Employed by LJJ Building Services Contractors, the project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of two BMS control panels for both new buildings on the site.

    The manufacturing and distribution centre was built to combine with the company’s existing operations in the area. The new Specsavers’ development consists of two industrial units covering a total of 77,000 square feet.

    One of the centres will house Specsavers’ Internation Glazing Services which glazes customers’ frames with prescription lenses for stores in Northen European countirs. The second centre accommodates Lens Online which stocks and distributes lenses and contact lenses for stores in the UK and Ireland.

    The main performance objectives of the new building management system::

    • Control and monitor all heating plant with the main plant room including pumps, boilers, pressurisation unit and domestic hot water services
    • Control and monitoring of the AHU and extract fans
    • Monitoring of water meters, gas meters, electric meters and heat meters
    • BREEAM compliant leak detection software and alarm
    • Provide safety interlocks with the building fire alarm, gas valve, gas sensors, thermal links and pressurisation unit
    • Custom web based interactive graphics

Our Solution

Nyke Energy were employed to install a new EasyIO BMS system spanning across two buildings with two separate BMS controls panels, both designed, manufactured and installed by Nyke Energy.

Both control panels were supplied with two EasyIO FG 32+ controllers. All four controllers are able to communicate over the IP network using EasyIO’s native Peer to Peer service allowing information to be seamlessly shared between all the controllers over the network. Both buildings are able to operate independently but share information to allow access across the network. Two alarm sounders are located in the facilities office providing an audible sound for any major plant faults or water leak detection from either building.

BREEAM compliant water leak detection has been configured to alert the occupiers of any possible mains leak. This is done in two ways, the incoming and boundary water meter are compared and if there is a major discrepancy over period of time then an alarm is raised, in addition if the water usage for one of the building exceeds the average daily use by a set amount then an alarm is raised.

The primary plant for each building is controlled by the respective control panel. This includes boilers, CT pumps, AHU, VT Pumps & Valve, Domestic Hot Water and Extract Fans. A number of safety interlocks are also installed provided safe isolation of the plant in the event of an emergency, These include thermal links above each boiler, gas solenoid valve, natural gas sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, fire alarm and emergency stop button.

A number of other faults are also monitoring and user alerted through the graphics, alarm sounder and BMS control panel fascia. These include rainwater harvesting, petrol interceptor, DX Cooling among others.

Customer graphics have been created which are accessible from the EasyIO 10” touch screen mounted on the panel fascias or from any PC on the IT network. The graphics allow real time visualisation, monitoring and control of all plant. Time schedules, holidays, summer switches and metering data are all accessible through the graphics.

A number of meters are monitored through the EasyIO FG controller. A number of water meters, heat meters and gas meters are monitored via a pulsed input to the controller and the site electric meters are integrated via a RS485 Modbus network.

Overall the EasyIO controls system selected provided a cost effective solution, allow multiple technologies to be integrated seamlessly together including TCP/IP Peer to Peer Global Registers, Interactive HTML5 Web Based Graphics, Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RS485.

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