Colwyn Bay Medical Centre, North Wales

A new building management system for Colwyn Bay’s new health centre featuring Trend IQ4E Controls, Synapsys Modbus Integration and Trend 963 Supervisor Graphics

  •  At A Glance

      • Control Strategy & Software Design
        A unique control strategy was developed to meet the objectives set out within the specification providing monitoring and control that is energy efficient and a comfortable building for it’s occupiers and visitors.
      • BMS Installation
        All BMS installation was undertaken by Nyke Energy, providing an effective and efficient installation and comprehensive electrical testing.
      • Commissioning
        Nyke Energy undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all plant operated effectively and efficiently throughout the building.
      • Trend Controls
        Trend Controls were installed to provide advanced building control utilising the brand new IQ4E range of controllers and expansion modules
      • System Graphics
        Bespoke Trend 963 graphics were created allowing system monitoring through the 963 software including user adjustments, data graphing and system alarms.
      • Synapsys Modbus Interface
        A Synapsys Modbus Interface was installed and configured to allow monitoring and control of Modbus field devices such as the electric meters and the Swegon AHU installed. The Synapsys unit allows the Trend BMS to monitor and control the devices through the interface unit.
  • Overview

    Nyke Energy were commissioned by M A Cooper Cooper Projects (MACP) working in conjunction with R L Davies Construction, Haven Health and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to supply, install and commission a comprehensive building management system at the new medical centre in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

    The new health centre serves the wider Colwyn Bay community and sees two local surgeries Rhoslan & Ryselldene occupy the new state of the art facility. The new health centre, as well as providing new accommodation for the two surgeries, will provide consulting rooms and administration facilities for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and a dedicated pharmacy. The health centre occupys the former Conway Road Infants School with the main building retained and a new building constructed to the rear. Nyke Energy were employed to supply, install and commission a new Building Management System to control the heating and ventilation at the new facility.

    The main performance objectives of the new building management system:

    • Control and monitor all heating plant within the main plant room including pumps, boilers, pressurisation unit and domestic hot water services.
    • Control and monitoring of the various AHUs and overdoor heaters located throughout the building.
    • Monitoring of water meters, gas meters and electric meters for all the building zones.
    • Design and install custom graphics for the Trend 963 software to allow control and interrogation of the BMS system from a dedicated PC.
    • Provide safety interlocks with the building fire alarm, gas valve, emergency stop button, gas sensor, thermal links and pressurisation unit.

Our Solution

Nyke Energy were employed to install a new Trend building management system to monitor and control the various items of plant throughout the new Health Centre. A BMS control panel was manufactured in house and installed onsite by our team of BMS installation engineers. Control panels were equipped with the brand new range of Trend IQ4E controllers offering the latest technology for effective monitor and control all  heating and ventilation equipment across the site.  The control panel housed in the main boiler house plant room contols all building’s primary plant such as boilers, primary pumps, VT heating pumps, VT underfloor heating pumps and CT domestic hot water pumps as well as AHUs, zone controls, site metering and safety interlocks. The panel fascia is equipped with a Trend IQVIEW4 touch screen display which allows authorised users to view settings and adjust operational parameters with ease.

The building is split into 7 zones each with it’s own temperature sensor, zone valve, water meter, heat meter and electric meters allowing the areas to heated independently and monitored separately for energy usage through the various meters. A remote panel is also installed within the reception, this has plant extension timers for the various zones and an alarm sounder. The plant extension timers allow the building occupiers to override the heating of the zones independently for out of hours heating. The alarm sounder sounds when a common plant alarm is generated, alerting the occupiers that a fault needs investigating.

The Trend BMS has a TCP/IP ethernet connection and is connected to the occupiers IT network. Authorised users can access custom designed graphics from a dedicated PC utilising the Trend 963 software to view the system, make adjustments, view datalogs & graphs and receive alarms for any system faults.

The Trend IQ4E controllers interface with a Synapsys Modbus device to allow monitoring and control of various field Modbus devices such as electric meters and the Swegon AHU installed on site. The BMS installed plays an integral role in operation of the facility and is a project Nyke Energy were proud to be involved with.

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