About Us

  • Formed in 1996, Nyke Energy Services has undergone major growth to become successful Building Management Systems (BMS) specialists offering a full range of HVAC Control and BMS services including Design & Commissioning, Installation and Maintenance & Optimisation.

    The success of our business has been built on the quality service we endeavour to provide to all our clients. We also understand the need for our clients to have a fully optimised BMS whilst keeping costs as low as possible and maximising savings on energy utilisation.

    System design is at the heart of our philosophy. All work is carried out in house from inception through to completion. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible whilst being able to take a fully hands on role in all aspects of the project.

    We have employed expertise in a number of BMS Systems including Trend Controls, Siemens, Cylon Controls & EasyIO allowing us to be a single solution provider in the BMS industry. We also support a number of other controls systems including Heatmiser, Satchwell and Ambiflex.

    Nyke Energy has a number of core values that are at the heart of our success, they reflect what we believe in throughout the organisation and the philosophies and beliefs that define us as a company. We believe it these values that set us apart from our competitors. Read about some of our core values below.

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Read About Our Core Values

  • Private Ownership

    Nyke Energy Services Ltd is a privately owned limited company with the same director who has grown the company actively involved in all aspect of the business. The company has always had an ethos of empowering staff to take an active role in the success of the company. This commitment and drive from everyone within gives us the determination to meet the demands and needs of our clients and to find solutions that go beyond their expectations.

  • Value

    We take great pride in providing solutions that are cost effective and still deliver to the highest standards, we understand that clients want to keep costs as low as possible whilst still utilising energy usage. We work on projects ranging in size from a few thousand up to one hundred thousand and beyond. All projects are approached with the same ethos ensuring the end user has a solution that meets their needs at a price they are comfortable with.

  • Experience & Knowledge

    All our BMS engineers have a vast experience working with a large range of control systems. As a company we are an approved system integrator of Trend Controls, Cylon Controls and EasyIO among others, all staff have received extensive training relevant to each control system. Staff development is at the heart of the company ethos with all staff given opportunities to further their knowledge and progress within the company. We are all committed to continuous improvement; becoming better as an individual and as a team.

  • Reliability

    We endeavor to provide a reliable service whether it is a large project, service visit or emergency call out. We are sensitive to a clients specific requirements and are committed to delivering a solution that meets their needs. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We have built long standing relationship with many of our clients based on the reliable transparent service we provide.

  • Service Quality

    Our personable approach allows us to foster strong relationships with clients promoting open dialogue ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently, helping us deliver beyond our clients expectations. We have a strong client base that is built on the quality service we uphold. Everyone at Nyke Energy is committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied, we are extremely proud to have a workforce that is dedicated and driven to providing such a high level of service.

  • Energy Efficient

    Everyone at Nyke Energy understands the importance of a sustainable environment and invests in the need to find better solutions to maximise resources.  Energy efficiency is at the heart of our system design philosophy. We work with clients to find solutions that maximise energy usage but also deliver to a clients day to day requirements. Potential cost savings will be enhanced through strategy design, optimisation and our dedication and know-how.