Critical Power Monitoring

  • Nyke Energy Services Ltd is extremely honoured to be able to display the Schneider EcoExpert badge, a symbol of our excellence in the field of critical power monitoring.

    Through our extensive knowledge of metering and power monitoring software we can tailor a solution to allow any facility to optimise it’s power network. Schneider StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software delivers the integrated information for maximising network reliability and performance allowing the user to make data driven decisions.

    Nyke Energy’s solution can include everything from the supply and install of PowerLogic and Legacy ION meters to a fully integrated software solution which provides real time monitoring and can save up to 30% on annual energy consumption.

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StruxureWare Power Monitoring Software

Critical business operations depend on the ability to maintain a reliable operation, reduce energy costs and get the most out of any electrical assets. StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software is a complete, interoperable and scalable supervisory software dedicated to power monitoring that enables the facility to maximise operation efficiency, optimise the power distribution system and ultimately improve bottom-line performance.

Real-time monitoring, alarms and power quality analysis helps avoid critical conditions that will most likely cause equipment failures and downtime. StruxureWare makes it simple to track consumption and the cost of power, gas and other resources and even allocate costs by building, department or process.

StruxureWare will reduce annual consumption as energy waste and unused system capacity will be uncovered and it highlights new ways to extend equipment performance and life span. StruxureWare is extremely flexible and lets you extend your power management system at a pace to suit your business, it is also an open system allowing for integration of third part devices and systems.


  • Power availability and reliability

    Ensure the reliable operation of power equipment

    • Ensure and indicate that everything is operating as expected
    • Pro-actively optimise the electrical distribution network
    • Monitor breaker status, trip counting, real-time voltage, transformers, ATS, generators, capacitor banks and tap changers
    • Stay alert to abnormal trends and take corrective action when necessary

    Improve response time to power-related problems

    • Monitor normal activities and provide information to help proactively assess any issues
    • Quickly review events, trends and load status before, during and after a problem

    Validate that power quality complies with the energy contract

    • Analyse and verify metrics to ensure compliance with agreed upon levels of quality
  • Billing and cost allocation

    Produce accurate tenant energy bills

    • Automatically collect meter energy consumption (AMR)
    • Calculate the cost of energy (WAGES) usage based on tiered rates, coincidence demand, Time of Use (TOU), Power Factor penalties, taxes, and other charges
    • Total metering points for accurate energy use allocation
    • Account for changing tenants at any time

    Identifying billing discrepancies

    • Validate utility bills, document errors and measure energy contract compliance
    • Identify false penalty charges and validate benefits of on-site generation

    Allocate costs to departments or processes

    • Collect, calculate and report costs for buildings, departments, processes, shifts, lines or equipment
    • Reduce expenses, enable best practices and validate all your conservation initiatives
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    Electrical distribution monitoring

    Leverage existing infrastructure capacity and avoid over-building

    • Reveal historical and current load patterns and hidden capacity
    • Determine if existing infrastructure will accommodate new equipment

    Support proactive maintenance to prolong asset and equipment life

    • Real-time and historical data reveals relationships between equipment and the conditions affecting the system stability
  • Energy efficiency

    Measure efficiency, reveal opportunities and verify savings

    • Measure and compare consumption across departments, processes and industry KPIs to identify the optimal places for improvement or adjustment
    • Confirm ROI for system improvements with advanced reporting and analysis of data

    Reduce peak demand & power factor penalties

    • Identify locations of poor power factor and help justify power factor improvement measures
    • Automatically monitor capacitor banks and load tap changers
    • Alert on demand levels, analyse trends to identify demand reduction and load shifting opportunities

    Participate in load curtailment programs

    • Review historical patterns to build a curtailment plan to enable participation in utility programmes
    • Automate and aggregate load management to verify curtailment, co-ordinate backup systems and ensure contract compliance
    • Negotiate to reduce loads in response utility curtailment requests