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  • Nyke Energy Services Ltd is proud to be affiliated with a number of market leading controls company’s including Trend Controls, Cylon Controls and Schneider Electric.

    Being approved systems integrators demonstrates our excellent product knowledge and our ability to support clients on a diverse range of projects.  All our controls engineers have undergone specialist training relevant to each type of system whether it be Trend, Cylon or Schneider. This specialist knowledge is combined with many years of industry experience.

    We also have an in-depth knowledge and experience in a range of other controls systems including Ambiflex, Heatmiser and EasyIO, this enables us to support a wide range of clients whatever their requirements and budget.

    trendPNGTrend is one of the world’s leading Building Energy Management Systems manufacturers which is recognised globally. It has a worldwide distribution and support network covering over 50 countries. Nyke Energy Services Ltd is extremely proud of its relationship with Trend Controls and its ability to support clients on a number of Trend products from old equipment including Trend IQ1, Trend IQ2 right through to more recent products such as the Trend IQ3 and Trend IQ4 range. Trend Controls are an extremely innovative company and invest a lot into research and development to ensure they are at the forefront of any changes in the BEMs market, an approach which Nyke Energy support and embrace.

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    Cylon is a pioneer and a recognised international leader in the development of building energy management systems. For over 25 years Cylon has invested in research and development to ensure that its products and services meet the needs of its customers globally. Cylon Controls, is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building control systems in Europe. Working with a worldwide network of partners, Cylon Controls delivers smart energy control systems to a wide variety of private and public enterprises across a range of sectors including local government, commercial, education, healthcare, retail, financial, industrial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, Cylon_Controllerand hospitality and leisure. Nyke Energy Services Ltd have been a Cylon system integrator for over 10 years which has seen the company go from strength to strength thanks to this successful partnership.

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    Tridium and its Niagara Framework is fast becoming the operating system of the IoT – Internet of Things. It can connect and translate data from nearly any device or system – managing and optimising performance from buildings to factories to cities and beyond.

    The Niagara Framework is a truly open platform allowing information to be seamlessly exchanged with various applications and protocols to enable efficient and effective management and control of buildings. The latest Niagara Framework is called Niagara 4 and builds on the original Niagara AX platform. Tridium Niagara 4 features a cutting edge user interface based on HTML5 graphics, faster integration time, advanced security and the ability to quickly find and visualise data to maximise building efficiency.

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    EasyIO is a relatively new control system that has a different approach to other control systems manufacturers in that it has developed controllers with open building automation integration solutions. EasyIO’s aim was to create a fully open and interoperable framework for control automation systems. With the power of the Niagara AX Framework and Sedona Framework and a whole host of AX legacy drivers, EasyIO controllers utilise IT standards and solutions, combining the use of converged corporate and internet connectivity. At Nyke Energy, we decided to offer EasyIO as it is an extremely cost effective solution and supports open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, TCOM and Web Services as standard without additional costs. The FG range of controllers come with the ability to integrate graphics without any additional software costs. All in all EasyIO is a fantastic solution and our most cost effective solution.EasyIO_Image

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    Our BMS Services:

    • BMS Control Panel Design & Manufacture
    • BMS Electrical Installation
    • Critical Power Monitoring
    • Planned Servicing & Preventative Maintenance
    • Emergency Call Outs & Reactive Maintenance
    • Remote Maintenance
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • System data backups & analysis
    • End User Training
    • Data Analysis
    • System Enhancement
    • Multi-System Support

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