Royal London, Wilmslow – Titan Fan Coil Unit Controller Upgrade

Upgrade and Commissioning of Over 375 Fan Coil Unit Controllers at Royal London, Wilmslow

  •  At A Glance

      • Commissioning
        Nyke Energy undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all existing fan coil units operated efficiently and to the clients need, this was a critical process with access to the units being extremely difficult.
      • Titan Products FCU-4 Controllers
        Nyke Energy recommended and delivered the FCU-4 Fan Coil Controller from Titan Products, allowing a flexible and budget friendly solution which was configured to the client’s application by Titan prior to delivery
      • Room Controls
        The building occupants are quickly able to adjust temperature setting s and operation times through the stylish Titan RDU-4 display installed on each of the 12 controller networks.
      • BACnet Communications
        A RS485 network was installed between each Titan FCU-4 master controller and associated slave controllers allowing temperature settings and times to be sent from controller to controller from the network master.
  • Overview

    Nyke Energy recently undertook the upgrade of over 375 fan coil unit controllers at Royal London Insurance Group in Wilmslow.

    The building is a critical part of Royal London’s business featuring 3 floors of occupied office space with the existing fan coil unit controllers located in the floor voids between each floor.

    Each of the fan coil units provides the heating and cooling to the building ensuring the occupants are comfortable at all times.

    Royal London was looking for a cost effective solution to upgrade the existing fan coil unit controls which had reached the end of their working life. The solution had to provide a means of installation with minimal disruption as the building was to remain occupied and unaffected for the entire 14-week upgrade program.

    The main performance objectives of the upgrade::

    • Cost Effective
    • Tailored to suit the existing fan coil units
    • Delivered with minimal disruption to building and it’s occupants
    • Adjustable by the User

Our Solution

Nyke recommended an open protocol fan coil unit (FCU) controller from Titan Products. The Titan FCU-4 controller allowed Nyke to seamlessly replace the existing fan coil controllers through the night with no disruption to the operation of the building.

Titan Products supported Nyke Energy through the project by pre-configuring the FCU-4 controllers prior to delivery so they suited the existing application out of box, allowing quick installation and efficient commissioning.

The controllers were installed in master and slave configuration with one FCU-4 controller acting as the master controller sending a temperature setpoint and time schedule enable to each of the slave controllers associated to the master controller.

The slave controllers were simply wired to the master in a daisy chain configuration utilising the Titan FCU-4’s open protocol MSTP BACnet network. The master controller was coupled with a stylish Titan RDU-4 room controller allowing simple end user adjustment of the area temperature setpoints and time schedules, all within the parameters set up during pre-configuration.

Throughout the 3 storey building, Nyke Energy was able to successfully replace the existing controllers creating 12 standalone fan coil unit networks with an average of 32 controllers in each.

Through close project management, the dedication of the Nyke Energy engineers and by offering a solution to meet the client’s requirements and budget, Nyke Energy were able to deliver a successful project to the satisfaction of Royal London.

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