Remote Bureau Support


Remote support provides clients with the peace of mind that their system is fully supported and can be interrogated without the need to wait for an engineer to visit site. It is also considerably cheaper, typically over seventy percent of problems can be rectified remotely at a fraction of the cost of a site visit.

We offer a flexible approach to remote support and are more than happy to tailor an arrangement that meets clients specific needs. This can include remote servicing, data analysis, reactive maintenance, fault diagnosis and changes to the operation of the system.

Remote support can be configured for most systems including Trend Controls, Cylon Controls and EasyIO systems.

Setting up remote support varies depending upon the local network configuration. To access a system over a local network requires internet access, a fixed IP address and certain port forwarding rules to be setup by the network manager. However where there is no local network or fixed IP, we have developed a solution based on the latest 3G technology allowing us to still access the system. For a small fee we can setup and install a 3G fixed IP router and offer a support plan tailored specifically to your requirements.

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  • Over 70% of BMS related problems
    can be rectified without a visit to site

  • Logging on remotely costs over 75%
    less than a typical visit to site