Burton Borough School, Newport , Shropshire

  • Overview

    Burton Borough Secondary School in the heart of Newport, Shropshire recently underwent a revamp including a new state of the art £8 million classroom block, allowing the school to offer post-16 education for the first time in it’s history.

    The new two storey block features 44 rooms including science labs, open learning areas and technology workshops.

    A brand new building management system was required at Burton Borough to allow control and monitoring of all individual classrooms and common areas. Five individual BMS control panels have been installed housing intelligent Cylon BMS controllers to provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities.

    The main performance objectives of the new building management system:

    • Ensure all plant operated safely & reliably
    • Ensure all plant operated in an energy efficient manner
    • Maximise pupil comfort and engagement through individual classroom control  
    • Monitor utility consumption
  • Our Solution

    Nyke Energy were able to deliver a fully functioning building management system to specification by utilising intelligent Cylon UC32 controllers with Modbus capability.

    Each classroom has ultra-modern control, with each classroom fitted with a radiant heating panel, high level windows, temperature sensor and CO2 sensor, all controlled through the BMS. Pupil engagement is maximised by close monitoring of CO2 levels with windows automatically opened if levels become to high.

    Utility consumption is closely monitored by utilising Modbus technology to provide real-time monitoring of all electric distribution boards. Gas and Water meters are also montitored through the BMS.

  •  At A Glance

      • Commissioning
        Nyke Energy undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all plant operated effectively and efficiently.
      • Control Strategy & Software Design
        A unique control strategy was developed to meet the objectives set out within the specification providing individual control throughout the building
      • Cylon Controls
        Cylon controls were utilised to provide robust control & monitoring capabilities.
      • System Graphics
        System graphics have now been provided allowing the school to closely monitor the whole school and make real time changes

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