Nyke Energy completes maiden EasyIO project at Jaguar Landrover with great success!

Nyke Energy recently completed its first EasyIO project at Jaguar Landrover’s Halewood plant near Liverpool.

Nyke Energy supplied and commissioned a new BMS control panel, controlling and monitoring 2 AHU’s at the Landrover Testing Facility within the renowned Halewood plant.  EasyIO was selected as a cost effective solution that would still provide advanced control capabilities and powerful integrated graphics.

An EasyIO FG20+ controller was installed combined with a high resolution 10” SystemView10 Touchscreen Tablet. The EasyIO FG series offers a series of controllers that provides an extremely versatile control system and is built upon the world renowned Niagara AX and Sedona frameworks. They come packed with the latest technology and open protocol communications as standard including Modbus, BACnet, HTML5, PHP, SQL, Powerful onboard graphics and advanced data-logging capabilities.

Custom graphics were designed that allow a visual representation of the system at Jaguar Landrover on the EasyIO SystemView10 Tablet that was mounted on the panel fascia. The tablet allows local control of the AHU’s including fault status monitoring and user adjustments such as time schedules, live & historic data charts, set point adjustment and operational overrides.

Nyke Energy was extremely proud with the success of their maiden EasyIO project and has since secured a number of further EasyIO projects which are already underway. The capabilities of this low-cost solution make building controls accessible to almost any facility whilst meeting the ever changing demands of the occupants, maximising energy performance and providing a system that is easy to manage and maintain.



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