EasyIO FG Series – The Low Cost / High Spec Range of Controllers

As a building owner or facility manager you need a reliable system whilst keeping the costs of the building as low as possible. There are many different users in a building, all with different requirements and all want to work and live in a healthy and comfortable environment. EasyIO offer the FG series of controllers to meet the ever changing demands of the occupants, maximise energy performance whilst providing a system that is easy to manage and maintain.

EasyIO provides an open and fresh approach for building automation and energy platforms and enables you to fulfill these requirements. The EasyIO FG series offers a series of controllers that provide an extremely versatile control system and is built upon the world renowned Niagara AX and Sedona frameworks. They come packed with the latest technology and open protocol communications as standard including Modbus, BACnet, HTML5, PHP, SQL and  powerful onboard graphics.

EasyIO represents exceptional value, for example the FG20 controller starts at just £399.00 whereas the nearest comparable controller from other recognised manufacturers start at over £1000.00.

EasyIO also offer a number of room displays, touch screen tablets and interfaces as well as room sensors and room controllers. It also supports the energy efficient En-Ocean range of wireless sensors and room controls which have no power supply and harvest their own energy providing fast cable free installation.

Key Features

Smart Technology Friendly On Board Graphics

The FG series controllers feature a built-in HTML5 webserver hosting your graphics. The graphics are Android, iPad & Smartphone friendly. Have customised graphics exactly how you want them.

Huge Data Capacity

Let the content find you. The EasyIO FG series controller can push your data, email & can handle HTTP requests. Where is the limit? It features a built-in SQLite database & management tool. The on-board SD-card (max. 16Gb) gives you the ability to store up to 80 Million historic records!

Built-In Technologies

Opening up your building now and in the future using a huge numbe of open protocol communications such as Bacnet IP, Bacnet MSTP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU. Allows open communication with an infinite number of third-party devices.

HVAC Controls

The programmable FG Series controller is ready to handle every kind of HVAC. Optimizers will make sure your system will start and stop at the right moment using no more energy than needed. Schedulers on board with holiday calendar, accessible through the onboard HTML5 graphical webpages.


Connect energy-meters using the FG controllers built-in technologies. Even all of the universal inputs can read pulses making electricity, water and gas meters are easy to connect.

Wireless Enocean

Through an optional external gateway you can open up the EasyIo FG series controller to wireless & battery less technology. Control your room with our wireless sensors, light switches, window contacts, light relays, sunblind relays, actuators and much more.

I-Frame Technology

Add ip-cameras (door/corridor) to your HTML5 graphical webpages or any other web service such as weather forecast using our open source iFrame widgets.

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