Shropshire Retained Fire Stations

  • Overview

    Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service identified three retained fire stations within the area as having inadequate facilities for the current and future needs of the service. It was decided that Hodnet, Baschurch and Albrighton would be refurbished to bring them in line with modern requirements.

    biT Consultancy, Telford & Wrekin councils own Business Innovation Team was appointed to undertake the refurbishment and improvements to the stations to bring them up to DDA standards and reduce CO2 emissions.

    The refurbishment work included new heating, electrical rewire, comfort cooling and carrying out various thermal improvements. Nyke Energy were delighted to be awarded the contract to supply and commission a new building management system at both Hodnet and Baschurch with Albrighton to follow in late 2015.

    The main performance objectives of the new building management system:

    • Design & manufacture numerous of BMS controls panels to be installed throughout the building
    • Provide BMS system graphics through dedicated Cylon software on a supervisor PC
    • Provide remote web browser graphics interface for offsite BMS monitoring
    • Monitor and control all local heating and ventilation throughout the building
  • Our Solution

    Nyke Energy were able to deliver a fully functioning building management system to specification by utilising intelligent Cylon UC32 controllers, providing advanced control and monitoring of all heating, ventilation and utility metering.

    Each fire station had a number BMS control panels installed, providing local control to each area. As the fire stations are retained occupancy is unpredictable, therefore PIR detectors were utilised to enable heating and ventilation services upon the PIR becoming activated.

    Each fire station was supplied with the latest Cylon Site Guide V2 allowing the building occupants to make adjustments to the system using the revolutionary touch screen device. They were also supplied with an all-in-one supervisor PC installed with Cylon’s impressive Command Centre software. Comprehensive custom BMS graphics were designed allowing the user to navigate around a site layout to view local temperatures, heating & ventilation status and the external temperature etc as well as being able to adjust set points, manually override plant, alter time schedules and monitor the various utility meters installed. Alarms for fault statuses were also developed with the ability send email notifications.

    A remote web browser interface was also developed to allow for offsite BMS monitoring, the graphics were security protected to prevent unauthorised access to the system.

  •  At A Glance

      • Commissioning
        Nyke Energy undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all plant operated effectively and efficiently.
      • Control Strategy & Software Design
        A unique control strategy was developed to meet the objectives set out within the specification providing individual control throughout the building
      • Cylon Controls
        Cylon controls were utilised to provide robust control & monitoring capabilities. Both a Cylon Site Guide V2 and Cylon Command Centre software were provided.
      • System Graphics
        System graphics have now been provided allowing the end-user to closely monitor the fire station and make real time changes.

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