Trend’s New IQ®4E Controller Offers Big Functionality in a Small Footprint

Building on the outstanding success of its IQ®4 range of controllers, Trend Control Systems, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has launched IQ®4E. Offering unrivalled levels of flexibility and functionality, it packs the very highest levels of performance into a device that has an extremely small footprint.

Designed to build upon Trend’s existing IQ®2 and IQ®3 ranges, IQ4E is available in 16, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160 and 192-point variants, which enable applications of all sizes to benefit from its best in class technology. The ability to upgrade between the point variants provides increased flexibility, and the increased processing performance enables the more complex HVAC applications to be controlled.

IQ4E has improved I/O bus capabilities, with an available length of up to 300m and the potential for 30 I/O modules to be configured. As with all Trend devices, backwards compatibility is designed in from the outset, naturally the IQ4 communicate with any IQ1, 2 or 3 controller, but now all IQ3 and IQ4 modules are interchangeable for additional protection of customer investment. For the integrator, soft addressing of IQ4E’s I/O modules makes for easier commissioning and maintenance.

Additionally Trend has introduced a new Universal Input /Output module – – 8UIO, allowing every channel to be configured as a digital input, thermistor input, current input, voltage input or voltage output. Once again, this versatility will deliver significant savings on installation and equipment costs as well as simplifying the potential maintenance stock.

When it comes to the amount of room allocated for BEMS in modern commercial buildings, the size of its constituent parts really does matter. Wall and floor space is often limited and large controllers take up more room in electrical enclosures, meaning that more expensive containment systems are required. Trend continues to lead the way in reducing the footprint of its controllers, without compromising on features, and the 105mm IQ4E I/O module is 40 per cent smaller than the IQ®3xcite I/O. In addition, the use of vertical connectors means trunking can be situated immediately alongside the controller, saving even more space.

David Field, product manager at Trend Control Systems, commented, “With the IQ4E we’ve managed to raise the bar even higher in terms of the features we are able to incorporate into a controller of this size. Designed to meet the multi-faceted demands of today’s customers, it addresses all their requirements for better space utilisation, flexibility and cost effectiveness.”

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