New Cylon Touchscreen Site Guide V2

The new Cylon SiteGuide V2 is a touchscreen front end for the UnitronUC32 Building Energy Management System (BEMS) which allows users to take control of their environment and save energy. Designed with flexibility and control in mind, the Cylon SiteGuide puts building energy management at your fingertips.

Robust and Attractive SiteGuide is suitable for Boiler Rooms and Reception Lobbies

A lower power requirement and lower heat emission allows installation almost anywhere, making it equally suitable for mounting in public areas such as reception or meeting rooms for adjusting temperature settings or lighting schedules or in service areas e.g. in boiler control rooms or Comms Rooms for monitoring and setting schedules for boilers, chillers, AHU and more.


A building’s energy consumption can fluctuate from anticipated levels as a result of external influences such as dramatic weather changes, and internal influences, for example changing occupancy rates. You cannot control the weather or unexpected changes in occupancy, but you can manage its impact on energy demand and occupancy comfort by reacting swiftly and effectively.

Digital Set Points

Changing set points with the new Cylon Site Guide is quick and easy. Select points from the menu listing and simply turn on or off lights in response to occupancy changing demands

Adjust Schedules

Adjust and create new schedules, or add exceptions to capture holidays and nontrading periods with the straightforward and intuitive interface

Analog Set Points

Quickly amend analog set points e.g. room temperature in response to changes in weather or occupancy comfort, directly on the menu listing with no need to drill down to secondary or editing screens.

Alarm Notification

The SiteGuide will sound an alarm and flash up a message alerting occupants to anomalies and irregularities in expected operations, for instance; equipment failures or anomalies against set points, such as plant ceasing to operate or excessively high temperatures being reached.


Change SetPoints

Users can easily change or adjust setpoints, view historical data and alarms, change or adjust schedules, and add password protection on functions or a set of menus to prevent access by unauthorized users. The Cylon SiteGuide opens up opportunities for energy saving with the touch of a finger.

Access Datalogs

Access detailed datalogs to identify trends in an instant; drag or swipe to view date ranges and tap to zoom in on areas of interest to view data at a more granular level.

Clearer and Easier to View Data

The bright and vivid LED panel makes text and details crisp and more legible than before. The 1024×600 pixel screen resolution and the 10” screen allows more information to be displayed in one view and larger text size results in greater visibility and readability even at a glance.

Simple Navigation

Navigation is quicker, easier and more interesting to use thanks to the attractive and simple interface populated with colourful eye catching menus loaded with icons for quick identification of areas or actions.


Restrict access to menus by any unauthorised users by setting menu passwords.

View the Cylon Site Guide V2 Brochure


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